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3 Money-Saving Air Conditioning Tips

Fall is the period when most HVAC companies start to recommend to their customers how they can deal with the change in the weather and to prepare for winter. But the situation is a bit different here in the Orlando area, where we often enjoy temperatures in the 80s deep into the fall, and sometimes even hotter days mixed in. Air conditioning is almost year-round for us, so it’s always a wise idea to look at ways to keep AC bills down.

We’ve listed 3 helpful tips for lowering those electrical bills each month by making you air conditioning system work less.

1. Keep the thermostat at a higher temperature

We know it’s tempting during a hot and humid day to lower the temperature setting on your thermostat down as low as it can go, which in most cases is 60°F. However, this won’t make the AC work faster to keep you cool, it will only keep it running longer until it meets the low temperature—which won’t even be that comfortable. We recommend keeping the temperature set around 78°F, which is comfortable for most people and will cut down on you AC bills by around 25%.

2. Have a dehumidifier installed

High humidity is one of the major troubles that we run into with Florida heat. The high moisture in the air traps extra heat inside our bodies, making the temperature feel even hotter than it is. If you have a dehumidifier installed into your HVAC system, the balanced humidity will feel much cooler, and you’ll need to run the AC far less.

3. Schedule duct testing and duct sealing (if necessary)

Your air conditioning’s ducts might be stealing money from you every time the system comes on through holes in the ductwork. Arrange for professionals to test the ducts’ integrity, and then schedule them to seal the ducts if the tests discover air leaks.

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