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Do You Need an Air Conditioning Coil Replaced?

Even if your air conditioning system is very well maintained on a regular basis, you can still encounter problems with it every now and then. Of course, having a quality system installed by an experienced professional will help you further protect against issues, but to expect 100% efficiency throughout its entire lifespan may be unrealistic.

One of the most distressing symptoms a homeowner might face with their air conditioning system is a leaking coil. Keep reading to learn more about how to determine if you have a leaking coil, and why this is harmful to your air conditioner.

Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Your HVAC system houses two coils that each performs vital functions. These include the evaporator coil—located within your home in the air handler unit—and the condenser coil, which is located in the outdoor condenser unit. One is not any more or less likely to develop a leak, although the state of refrigerant within your evaporator coil makes this problem a bit more common.

Refrigerant leaks can happen within any portion of your air conditioning system where refrigerant passes. This type of problem can occur for any number of reasons. There might have been a manufacturing default in the beginning, poor installation, or even accidental damage to the coils. Whatever the cause is, it can be pretty costly to replace the coil. Therefore, you’ll want to check with our technicians to see if we are able to seal the refrigerant leak for you.

Pinpointing the source of a leak can be a time-consuming task. For this reason, it’s important that you avoid trying to repair this problem on your own. Rather, you can contact our professionals for accurate work. Signs that you may have a leak of this kind include ice on your evaporator coil, or an air conditioning unit that’s struggling to effectively cool your home.

Whatever your air conditioning repair needs in Conway, FL are, don’t delay: call Southeast Air & Heat today!

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