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Should I Replace the Compressor on My Air Conditioner?

You have a malfunctioning air conditioning system, and it looks like the compressor will need to be replaced. This will place you up against a bit of a dilemma: should you arrange to have the compressor replaced, or instead have the entire outside unit replaced?

We can’t tell you what the ideal option is on a blog post, since it will different for each home and each air conditioner. But there are a few things to consider that will help understand what’s at stake with this choice. Let’s take a look at them:

Does the compressor really need to be replaced?

It’s crucial that you call on licensed HVAC professionals when you AC isn’t working and let them look over the system to supply you with a correct diagnosis regarding the problem. Never rely on an amateur or a company without the proper experience and history to judge whether the compressor is the issue or not.

Compare the difference in costs between the replacements

Replacing a compressor is one of the most expensive repairs that a central air conditioning system might need. Compare that cost to what it would take to replace the whole outside unit. If your compressor is still under manufacture warranty, it will be less expensive to just replace the compressor. Otherwise, the difference in cost between the two choices should be minimal, and a full replacement the better choice.

The indoor evaporator unit may need replacement as well

Here’s the tricky part if you choose to replace the outdoor unit. There’s a risk of having a mismatched system, which means an outdoor unit and indoor unit that can end up creating major repair issues and sever drop in energy efficiency. Replacing the whole air conditioning system may be called for.

Are you feeling a bit confused? That’s understandable… but also something you can avoid if you have qualified assistance from HVAC professionals. When you’re facing the “what to replace?” dilemma, contact our air conditioning experts, and they will see that you end up making the best choice for both your home and budget.

For assistance with your air conditioning, call on Southeast Air & Heat. We serve Orlando and Conway, FL.

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