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Variable-Speed Air Conditioners and High Energy Efficiency

When you consider how much work air conditioning systems in Orlando have to perform over the long hot seasons, it’s actually a marvel they don’t need to be replaced every single year! Of course, manufacturers construct ACs to last as long as possible, and if you take care of your home’s air conditioner (that means annual spring maintenance, without fail) it should provide you with around 15 years of cooling.

When the time does come to replace your air conditioner, don’t hesitate. If you have any reason to think your AC is losing its functions as it approaches the end of its service life, have a new one put in so you can start enjoying its benefits. One of those benefits is superior energy efficiency, and you’ll find a great example of that with a variable-speed air conditioner.

What does “variable speed” mean?

A blower fan is responsible for sending the air coming in the return air ducts through the evaporator coils of the AC, where the air cools down, and then into the ventilation system leading to the rooms. On a conventional air conditioner, the fan only operates at a single high speed, regardless of the cooling needs of the home.

But a variable-speed air conditioner has a fan that can operate at less than 100% capacity. In fact, it will automatically adjust itself down to lower capacity whenever it senses that home doesn’t need the maximum to stay cool. You can expect the air conditioner to operate at this lower capacity around 80% of the time when the system is running. This means the AC will draw on significantly less electrical power, lowering your bills without hurting your actual comfort.

Are you ready to replace your old air conditioner with a high-efficiency unit? Then simply give Southeast Air & Heat a call in Orlando, FL. We will help you find the ideal AC to match your cooling needs as well as your budget.

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